CTP: The screenings

Types of Screening Events

Even though we will be traveling through areas with few or no problems of access to electricity, we will follow the same guideline as the other projects from our organization by using video as a tool for triggering reflection, reaction and conversation. We will also celebrate and share many of life’s special moments through our selection of environmentally engaged documentaries and short feature films, and thanks to our generator with pedals which renders us energy self sufficient.

At every step of our adventure, we will be looking to meet with local organizations working on similar issues to offer them an evening of discussion, using the screening of a documentary that is relevant to them as a starting point. The audience itself will also be able to provide the necessary electricity for the screening.

We will offer various types of screening events, depending on what suits the organizations best. Here are some examples:

  • The screening of short films or of one documentary, selected by us
  • The presentation of a film suggested by the organization itself
  • A presentation of our trip enhanced by short video clips, interviews and pictures
  • Other types of multimedia screenings, such as PowerPoint presentations
  • To unwind, we will also offer a karaoke activity as well as some movie classics!

Should you have any recommendations of movies, documentary films or short features for our screenings, please do not hesitate to share them with us. You can contact us through our Contact form or add your suggestions directly into our movie database.