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Throughout this adventure, in collaboration with local environmental organizations and schools, we will organize screenings followed by discussions about ecosystem services, namely the benefits that humans can get from Nature. Drawing on Cinécyclo Tour Sénégal in 2015, electricity for the screenings will be provided by a pedal powered generator mounted on one of our bicycles.
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The itinerary will be updated as we establish contact with local environmental organizations. Our starting point will be Quebec City, in Eastern Canada, where a screening is already planned at the University of Laval. Then, we will head west towards the legendary Canadian Rocky Mountains. From then on, we will follow the west coast of the continent along the Pacific Ocean, leading us across California, the highlands of Ecuador and the Andes mountains until we reach La Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina.

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Events & Screenings


Even though we will be traveling through areas which have few or no problems with access to electricity, we will follow the same guideline as the other projects from our organization by using video as a tool for triggering reflection, reaction and conversation. We will also celebrate and share many of life’s special moments through our selection of environmentally engaged documentaries and short feature films, and thanks to our pedal powered generator which renders us energy self sufficient!

At every step of our adventure, we will be looking to meet with local organizations working on similar issues to offer them an evening of discussion, using the screening of a documentary that is relevant to them as a starting point. The audience will also be able to provide the necessary electricity for the screening themselves.

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The cyclists

Guillaume BLANCHET

“I am 24 years old, the youngest of the crew! I have dreamed about this cycling trip ever since high school, when I used to roam around France on my bicycle with Victor. A few trips later and an engineering degree in the bag, it is now time to make this project happen. As an adjunct to my environmental studies and work as an agricultural engineer, I am eager to discover local and hands-on projects trying to reconcile society and environment. I am also looking forward to discovering new countries and new cultures, and to learning Spanish!”

Victor DAVID

“At 25 years of age, I have been preparing for this trip for years. My various hobbies have always been revolving around nature, such as fishing, cycling, running and climbing; which is why I feel like protecting my playground. My hobbies have also lead me to study environmental geography and forest sciences, which gave me a better understanding of worldwide ecological issues. This project is in fact a means of combining work in the protection of nature with the experience of an amazing adventure!”


“I am 26 years old and I have recently completed my studies in environmental engineering after spending a year in Burkina Faso and Kenya. I am increasingly sensitive to the social and environmental issues we are currently facing, and will be facing. As a result, I am interested in discovering local initiatives offering a new approach, especially in terms of urban farming. This trip combines many of my passions, from my yearning for adventure and freedom on a bike to my curiosity about new cultures, their view of the world, their music, their dances and their local alcohols!”

Our Bike Generator: the Cinécyclette

One of the goals of this project is to develop a bike generator, manufactured by the Cinécyclo members. Similar to the system used by our colleague Vincent in Senegal, we want to produce enough electricity to run a video screening system. At the same time, we are trying to reduce the weight of the device so as to make our journey easier.

To help us, Bernard BLANCHET is developing the electric system of the generator and Gilles DAVID is working on the frame for the bicycle.

Below is a video of our first tests, this winter:

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